BMX Racing does not require you to have expensive equipment. The bike you currently own is likely fine for racing to start. You need to ensure that there is no chain guard, kickstand, reflectors, bells, baskets or any other attachments. All bikes need to have brakes which are in good working order. Once you get the hang of BMX racing you may want to consider getting a BMX race bike

For kids 5 and under a pedal bike or run bike will work just fine for the half track
For full track racing you can either race 20” and under tires or 20” and over tires.


A helmet is required for all riders on the track. It is strongly recommended that a full face helmet is used (especially for full track). Guidelines state that the helmet must have a permanent strap attached, snaps are not permitted. The helmet must have sufficient padding, be of good quality and fit properly.


Long sleeve shirt (or short sleeve with elbow pads) and long pants (or shorts with approved leg protection-Knee/Shin guards) are required for racing. Running shoes or biking shoes with good gripping soles are recommended. Shoes must be closed toe. No sandals.
Gloves are also recommended


All riders 12 & Under are restricted to a standard flat pedals only. The use of clipless pedals (interlocking or step-in pedal/ cleat systems, magnetic systems, straps, toe clips, or any system where the shoe or pedal have been designed to mechanically connect or step-in to each other) is prohibited for all riders age 12 & Under as well as for Novice riders of any age.


You need to purchase a yearly membership to BMX Canada which is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase and then you only pay at the track for the races and practices you attend. See RACE FEES here.

Yes you need a BMX Canada/USA BMX membership to race or practice at Squamish BMX. This membership allows you to race at any BMX Canada/USA BMX sanctioned track in North America. Memberships can be purchased by creating an account online here or at the track.

The great thing about BMX is that you do not need to commit to the whole season. You just attend the practice and races  that you would like. Once you have your BMX Canada Membership, you can attend any BMX Canada/USA BMX sanctioned race in Canada and the US and you just need to pay the race fee for that event. We have local riders that also race at Langley BMX or North Shore BMX for example and we also welcome riders from other tracks such as Pemberton BMX or Whistler BMX to our track. There is no obligation or minimum number of races to attend.

The Squamish BMX season normally starts in April or May once the track has dried out from the winter rains and initial track maintenance is complete. Follow us on Facebook or Instagram to keep up with the latest news.

The season goes until late October (weather permitting), ending with our annual Pumpkin Roll race.

There is no minimum age to race. The rider just needs to be comfortable on a pedal or run bike. For half track racers, parents are permitted to run along with them and help them up the hill if needed

Race night is Monday nights at Squamish BMX in spring and summer and in the fall we switch to Sunday afternoons.

Practice is Thursday evenings.

Check out our schedule here for updated dates and times.

In order to participate in race night you must first ensure that you have a valid BMX Canada Membership. Memberships may be purchased or renewed online here ahead of time (which will save time) or at the track.

Then on race night you will register for racing in person at the motoshed.

See schedule here for when you need to register by and when racing starts.

Please no late registrations.

Motos or races for full track are set up by Race Manager, a computer program provided by BMX Canada that adhere to the BMX Canada rulebook.

Once registration closes, we will print and post the moto sheets. Riders will check the motosheets and then all riders will be called to staging (the start hill) and are organized into their motos and racing begins.

Each Moto will race 3 rounds or laps of the track unless it is a transfer race and then you will need to qualify for “MAINS” or round 3. At our local single point races we generally do not do transfer races. Transfer races are generally reserved for double point, provincial and national races.

When you hear the announcer call “MOTOS HAVE BEEN POSTED”, it means that each rider must go to the fence by the finish line and check that their “NAME, AGE, CLASS and RACE PLATE NUMBER” are correct. If anything needs to be changed, is incorrect or missing then you must inform registration immediately and then motos will be reposted.

Once Motos are posted all riders are called to staging/start hill. This signals that racing is ready to begin. There are lanes marked that correspond to your moto number. There will be a volunteer at staging who will help organize the riders and put them in their assigned gate. It is important that the number on your race plate matches the number on the moto sheet so that the staging volunteer can properly place you in the gate.

A moto sheet is a piece of paper that is posted that has the motos (or heats) listed. It will tell you what race (or moto) you are in,  who is in your race, your gate position and the age/proficiency of the moto (ie 9 Intermediate). It is important that you check that the information on the moto sheet : “NAME, AGE, CLASS and RACE PLATE NUMBER” are correct. If anything needs to be changed, is incorrect or missing then you must inform registration immediately and then motos will be reposted.


Motos have a minimum of 3 riders and a maximum of 8 riders. If there are not 3 riders of an age/proficiency then riders from different ages and/or proficiencies will be combined by the software in accordance with the rulebook. If there are more than 8 riders then it will be a transfer race and only 8 riders will qualify for the “MAINS”.

There are 4 criteria to determine a racer’s classification for competition:

  1. age
  2. gender
  3. proficiency
  4. wheel size.

All riders boys and girls start as a Novice rider and then move up proficiencies based on their number of wins

There are two bike categories, based on wheel size/diameter:

  1. 20″ wheel BMX bikes called class bikes
  2. 24″ wheel BMX bikes called cruiser bikes. 

The 20″ bikes are the required size for all Novice, Intermediate, Girl and Expert competition, while the 24″ bikes are the required size for all Cruiser competition.

You will be matched against riders your own age and proficiency or skill level whenever possible.

All riders (full track), boys and girls start as NOVICE and then move up based on wins. After 10 Novice wins, riders move up to INTERMEDIATE and after 20 wins in Intermediate riders move up to EXPERT. There is no minimum age to move up, it is based on wins. There is also the GIRLS EXPERT proficiency where a female intermediate rider moves up after 10 class wins. It is the riders (or parents) responsibility to keep track of wins and moving up proficiency. Note: For half track riders, wins are not counted.

We are a volunteer run club and we need your help to run it. There are many opportunities to volunteer both on and off the track.

Race Night we need help with registration, concession/BBQ, half track, finishing, staging, corner marshalls, gates, first aid and announcer.

Practice Night we need help with registration and gates.

Track maintenance includes early season track preparation and ongoing maintenance. Stay tuned to social media or our newsletter for work parties and other opportunities to help out. We always need help with lawn mowing, watering (when dry and dusty) and raking/sweeping rocks of the track.

Want to get involved? Learn more and fill out our VOLUNTEER FORM form.

Squamish BMX Executive

Every fall we hold elections for our executive board at the Annual General Meeting. There are several positions available. If you are thinking about joining the executive let us know by filling out our JOIN THE TEAM form.

At all races, riders earn points for their finish in the main, plus points for each rider in their class. For multi-point tabulating, the overall points earned including rider points, are multiplied corresponding to the event (i.e. double, triple or quadruple). Refer to the rulebook on how points are awarded as it differs between proficiencies.

The number of points you have at the end of the year determines your overall district standing and your race plate number for the following year. The top 10 riders in each district earn a coveted district awards jacket. To see how many points, you can check the BMX Canada website. We are district BC05. You can also see how many wins you/your rider has here too.

Half track riders do not earn points.

To see how many points, you can check the BMX Canada website. We are district BC05. You can also see how many wins you/your rider has here too.

There are a few types of race series that you can attend.


Our usual local Monday night race is a district race and riders earn district points for an overall district standing. We are BC05. Other tracks in BC05 include NorthShore BMX, Whistler BMX and Pemberton BMX. A rider may race in any district. Points will accumulate in the rider’s home district.

Provincial Series (PCR)

This is another race series where riders compete for a provincial standing and a green or blue number plate with their standing. This series is open to all riders (half track, novice, intermediate, expert, cruiser, girls) with a valid BMX Canada membership.
All tracks in BC host a PCR at their track. Usually 3-4 tracks located near each other host Provincial/PCR weekends where you can race up to 2 different tracks in 1 day and 4 races in 1 weekend. You need to do 4 PCR races and the finals to qualify for a provincial standing. Even if you don’t plan on qualifying for a provincial standing you can still race a PCR. They are generally double points and a great opportunity to get experience at a bigger race. It’s also a great way to discover new tracks. You can race 1 or race them all. The choice is yours.

National Series

This is a race series where riders compete for a National standing. There is NAG (National Age Group), CNAG (Canadian National Age Group) and overall standings. This series is open to all riders (half track, novice, intermediate, expert, cruiser, girls) with a valid BMX Canada membership. You can race 1 or race them all!! The choice is yours. Even if you don’t plan on qualifying for a National standing you can still race a National Race. It’s also a great way to discover new tracks. Generally 3 tracks in BC host a National Weekend on a rotating basis. Each National weekend race counts towards National Points and all Nationals are 3 days (Friday/Saturday/Sunday). So you can get 3 National Scores in 1 weekend!!

You can race 1 or race them all. The choice is yours.

CNAG (Canadian National Age Group)

If you want to be eligible for a CNAG (Canadian National Age Group) plate, riders must have a minimum of four (4) national scores (ie 4 National Races) plus Grands. NAG Standings are based on a rider’s best six (6) Canadian National finishes plus Grands finish. Canadian Grands (Finals) are usually held Thanksgiving weekend in Chilliwack BC indoor at the Chilliwack Heritage Park.

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